5kN Fibre Optic Winch - Series 2




Dash       Series 2 Winch SHRUNK





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  • Skid Mounted, can be quick and easily forked on / off Utility, Truck or Trailer.
  • Standard 1.3m diameter cast aluminium capstan wheel.
  • Operator controlled capstan variable tilt from horizontal to vertical.
  • Adjustable tilt ram mount allowing 45degree reverse tilt for Arial hauling.
  • Operator controlled capstan speed from 0 – 60metres per minute when using the standard 1300mm capstan. 
  • Speed from 0 – 30metres per minute when using the Optional 600mm capstan.
  • Simple and very accurate operator controlled capstan line pull from 0 – 5kN without the need to have a load attached.
  • Up to 10kN line pull achievable via the Optional 600mm Capstan.
  • Up to 30kN line pull achievable via our Optional "POWER WINCH KIT" complete with 300mm Capstan.
  • Full operators dash board comprising system pressure gauge, kN gauge, kN line tension control, capstan speed control and manual operated joystick control for capstan tilt angle and forward / reverse capstan rotation.
  • Fuel efficient, electric start 14 HP Kohler engine complete with recoil pull start and hour meter.
  • Diesel engine available / POA.
  • Heavy duty piston pump with flow and pressure control valving.
  • Heavy duty planetary gearbox & radial piston motor for capstan drive.
  • 50litre oil reservoir with sight glass, filler/breather, return line filter.
  • Standard operator mesh guarding.
  • Standard safety signs – nip points etc.
  • Standard operating Procedures sign.
  • Mild steel, powder coated fabrication – std. charcoal / orange colour scheme.
  • Supplied with OPERATORS MANUAL / Risk & Hazard Analysis / 5kN Factory Certification Plaque and Test Documentation.




  • Overall length when capstan is set horizontal: 2350mm 
  • Overall width: 1400mm
  • Overall height: 900mm
  • Weight: 470kg Weight
  • Base Frame Footprint = 1700mm long x 650mm wide.


Note: When mounting on the back of smaller 4WD's we suggest fitting Overload Springs to the rear suspension.


Optional Extra's available on all winches:

  • 600mm capstan (mounted on top of the 1300mm capstan) taking its hauling capacity up to 10kN (1 tonne). 
  • "POWER WINCH KIT" taking its hauling capacity up to 30kN (3 tonne). 
  • Remote kN gauge (if required) for when operating remotely.
  • DATA LOGGING of line haul tensions applied to any given job.
  • Lifting eye's for sling lifting with crane or similar. 
  • Trailer mounted - see trailers in products section.
  • Telstra Certification - see details below.


TELSTRA 2kN Certification


PROCEDURE – Application must be made by the Owner / Prospective Owner of the winch directly to Telstra, a $150 fee (current understood price) will be charged for processing & issuing of the Certification Documentation. Telstra will then issue TAGS which are required to be fitted by the manufacturer prior to shipping. This process can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks so early attention to this application is recommended. On placement of a firm order with Cable Winches Australia Pty. Ltd, we will supply the appropriate Telstra contact details to expedite the application process.


ADDITIONAL COST – Cable Winches Australia Pty. Ltd. requires an additional fee to cover Telstra documentation, extra guarding to meet Telstra's specifications and tamper proof sealing devices to be fitted to control valves.


IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS – Telstra Certification effectively locks out any Line Pull adjustments, 2kN fixed. Capstan speed and direction of rotation remains operator controllable. The optional 600mm Capstan wheels is not permitted.