6.5 Tonne "MINE COMPLIANT" Winch


6 Tonne SHRUNK



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6.5 Tonne Bunded Cable Winch – Key Features

1. 1086mm wide x 1510mm long x 1421mm high x approx 970kg wet.

2. It’s small foot print easily fits in the back of most utilities for transport.

3. Double bunded galvanised pallet base and tank.

4. Forklift pick up accessible from all sides.

5. Lifting / tie down anchor lugs in 6 places.

6. Anchor foot plates.

7. Standard container locks in all 4 corners.

8. Operator mesh guard.

9. A low centre of gravity negates most tensile stresses on hold down bolts.

10. User friendly ergonomics of both rope tension and control panel viewing.

11. Easy access for lacing of the hauling rope – no threading required.

12. Rope guide and snub rollers facilitates vertical hauling.

13. Water cooled 16.8hp Kohler diesel engine.

14. High capacity thermo fan to assist keeping the system running cool.

15. 45L Oil reservoir c/w return line filter, sight glass & filler port.

16. 32L fuel tank.

17. Easily removable power plant cabinet for major service access.

18. Lockable access doors protecting all regular service components.

19. Amber flashing light & high visibility reflective tape around entire cabinet.

20. Signage – nip, caution etc.

21. Remote foot control with 4 meter shielded cable lead.

22. Factory calibration / certification.

23. Operators manual includes QUICK START, TROUBLE SHOOTING,

      full RISK & HAZARD analysis and Log Book.

Dash Mounted Controls and Monitoring

A. Intrinsically safe data logging with multi-user software.

B. Optional full colour touch screen for real-time monitoring.

C. USB port for data transfer.

D. 100mm kN gauge.

D. MASTER KEY SWITCH isolating all functions.

E. Push / Twist release EMERGENCY STOP.

F. Dial up engine throttle.

G. Push button kN setting.

H. Adjust kN hauling tension valve.

 I.  Adjust meters per minute hauling speed valve.

J.  Fuel gauge.

K. Engine hour meter.

L. Totaliser – meter hauled.

M. Key locked reset for Totaliser.

N. Engine management module including ignition key.

O. Easy access Remote Control circuit fuse.

P. Remote control socket.

Q. Dual pole battery isolator with lock out device.

R. Anderson plug located in cabinet for jump starting if battery is flat.


Ease Of Operation

1. Ensure unit is securely attached to vehicle.

2. Check fluid levels etc as per operators manual.

3. Start engine and allow warming up as per operators manual.

4. Push the kN setting button to confirm hauling tension – adjust if necessary.

5. Plug in the remote foot control and check operation.

6. Lace hauling rope and commence hauling.