Company Profile

This is the type of company with which everyone wants to do business. Entrepreneurial, innovative, progressive and very successful, yet remaining, by choice rather than circumstance, a small family business offering individual and personal service.

Jack Farrall has had 40 years experience and definitely not one year repeated forty times. For many years he concentrated on conveyors, helping people move product. In fact, he has helped people move, inspect, cull, wash, polish, size, slice, pack and palletize everything from fruit and vegetables to ice. He has even assisted councils to collect coins from parking meters. Established in 1986 with the able assistance of his sons Luke, Damian and Mark. Today it offers a range of equipment designed to provide turnkey solutions.

CABLE WINCHES was established in 2008 and more than 300 winches are assisting contractors to lay thousands of kilometers of fibre optic cable for the National Broadband Network. The winches also have adaptations for several industries including rail and power. As with all original equipment designed by Jack Farrall, the winches are safely increasing productivity and improving efficiency for many companies and contractors.

You are correct in assuming that CABLE WINCHES is not your average family business.

Cable Winches Australia is an organisation admired by its customers and watched carefully by competitors.

Cable Winches workshop
Cable winch on back of ute